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Summer Arts Workshops


Join us at Blaffer Art Museum for art-making workshops that will take young artists on a journey to an imaginary frontier. Woven into this journey are experiences in art history, batik, clay, collaboration, collage, photography, watercolor, and more.

Summer Arts Workshops are designed for children ages 6-12. Each session is unique with different art-making lessons and activities.

Session 1 is Mondays and Wednesdays (June 22, 24, 29, and July 1) from 9:30 am – 12 pm and Session 2 is Tuesdays and Thursdays (June 23, 25, 30, and July 2) from 9:30 am – 12 pm. Click here to download the registration form.


Young artists become surveyors mapping their own routes to their imaginary frontier in this workshop. Surveyors will design a mode of transportation—a horse, a spaceship, a bus, or a giant flying beetle—to begin their survey. The young artists will delve into clay, collage, and photography to document their journey, making artworks that propel them into a fantastic fantasy world of their own. Surveyors will continue their journey by designing the landscape of their frontier using concepts of spatial perspective. They will also create aged maps of the frontier using various dye techniques. Each surveyor’s experience will be enhanced by the use of daily journaling and open discussion as well as field trips to the museums’ exhibitions or UH Public Art Collection. A collaborative art project will accompany individual projects, connected with ideas or techniques found in contemporary artists, historical artists, and current Blaffer exhibitions.


Young artists will become travelers inspired by a journey through an imaginary frontier in an atmosphere that cultivates creativity. Travelers will make a door—such as a portal, window, or crevice in a rocky cliff—that is a gateway to their frontier. Documentations through collage, patterns, and photography will record their journey. Young artists will continue their exploration by painting a dream-like image of their frontier with watercolor. Travelers will also create three-dimensional half spheres with found objects to map their frontier in yet another way. With the half spheres, the surveyors will also utilize acrylic paint. As in Session 1, the Travelers’ experiences will be enhanced by the use of daily journaling, open discussion, and visits to the museum or UH Public Art Collection, and the workshop includes a collaborative art project. Art-making projects will connect with contemporary artists, historical artists, and current Blaffer exhibitions.


Araceli Casas received her studio arts training at the Glassell School of Art. She also completed an undergraduate degree in Art History at the University of Houston and is currently working on her Masters in Education for Art Education. She is a local artist whose paintings have been exhibited in juried auctions and juried art exhibitions around the city.

COST (payable by check)

$80 per child/single session or $160 for both

$60 per child/ single or $120 for both sessions, Blaffer dual/household member

Additional child(ren) $10 off per child

UH affiliates, $20 off total amount above


Click here to download the registration form.